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Mr Hug

Kupovinom ovog proizvoda zaradićete 185 Poena!

RSD 1,850.00


Product Description

Good monsters who eat your children’s fears!

Instructions for use

  1. 1. Write down or draw your worry or fear on paper
  2. 2. Put the paper into the mouth of your favorite MonsterZ toy and close the zipper
  3. 3. Congratulations, your fear is stored in a safe place!

If you want to learn more about fears and how to fight them, you can also buy our DIY set “Fear has big eyes.”

Our toys are socially responsible products, because vulnerable groups are involved in the production of the toys and packaging.

Made in Serbia. Weight 300g

Packaging: canvas backpack with sticker

Age 3+

Retail price 2,000 RSD

DECLARATION – A raw cotton canvas bag, a 450 mm tall toy with lining, the eyes are removable. The toy and the canvas backpack are machine washable at 45 degrees. Hand wash the toy’s eyes in warm water and soap. Made in Serbia. Koba Yagi Toys, 2017. Age 3+


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