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DIY toy: A room frame

RSD 1,150.00

Product Description

Design an original decoration for your room or a gift for someone you love!

The DIY creative set includes a 145×145 mm wooden frame, a sewing kit, 4 cards with animal drawings (owl, deer, hedgehog and fox) that need to be finished by inserting a colored thread with a needle through the small holes marked on the drawing. The set also contains 4 empty colored cards on which the child can make their own drawings.

By learning to use the needle and thread, the child will develop independence and the necessary fine motor skills and learn new skills it can use in some other creative endeavors.

The toy is designed for the joint work of an adult and a child.

Our toys are socially responsible products, because vulnerable groups are involved in the production of the toys and packaging.

Age 5+.

Box size: 200x207mm Weight: 180 g

Made in Serbia

Retail price 1,200 RSD

DECLARATION – The DIY creative set contains work instructions and templates, a wooden frame and 8 cardboard cards. Made in Serbia. Koba Yagi Toys, 2017. Age 5+


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