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DIY toy: A prehistoric adventure

RSD 1,550.00

Product Description

Make a prehistoric diorama and learn how the dinosaurs lived through fun tasks, experiments and play!

The DIY educational set includes a Koba Yagi diary with games, experiments, work instructions, templates and tasks, 3 tempera paints, 1 paintbrush, self-adhesive papers, a paper base, stick on plastic eyes.

Designed for the joint work of an adult and a child. Suitable for individual and group work.
Our toys are socially responsible products, because vulnerable groups are involved in the production of the toys and packaging.

Age 5+.

Box size: 200x207mm Weight: 250 g

Made in Serbia

Retail price 1,600 RSD

DECLARATION – The DIY educational set contains a Koba Yagi diary with work instructions and templates, self-adhesive paper, tempera paints, a paintbrush, stick on plastic eyes. Made in Serbia. Koba Yagi Toys, 2017. Age 5+


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