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Why Koba Yagi Toys?

Because we want to encourage children to see themselves as creators, artists, scientists – those who are the drivers of change!

What is important to us?

EMPATHY – Without understanding of our own feelings we can not understand the feelings of others. Research shows that people with higher emotional intelligence are usually more successful than people in whom these qualities are not developed. Therefore, we develop emotional intelligence through the story, the game and our EnimalZ and Monsterz dolls.

INSPIRATION – Projects and materials include more areas of child development, since they are intended for children age 3 to 12 years and are focused on the development of competencies that are necessary to child in the 21st century (creativity, cooperation, empathy, leadership, initiative, digital and media literacy). We want to encourage children to develop their interests.

DESIGN THINKING – We believe that design is our future because it helps children to have big dreams and at the same time thinking about something that people really need. Why is this important? If children learn to think in a qualitative way not only about their own needs but also the needs of others, they will be able to use the design in the creation of new innovative solutions.

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY – learning does not mean just storage – it means developing skills and ways of thinking through the processes required for a child to adequately reacts under pressure and in different situations. In other words, when you’re making progress in the game, you learn. Also, game provides a safe environment for making mistakes and learning from them.

INCLUSION – A fun way for parents and kids to spend quality time together. Also, our Koba Yagi toys are ideal for working in groups, whether it is a birthday or work activities in pre-school or school environment.

CHOOSING – Careful selection of high-quality and inspiring materials for children and projects that correspond to the different developmental stages of the child. We want to offer children the connection between old and new, because we believe that every learning, including innovation, is based on the upgrading of existing ideas and concepts that exist in our heritage.

SHARING – It is important to us Koba Yagi to be the starting point of child’s inspiration and everything they learn by playing with our toys share with their friends, as well as in our FB group Koba Yagi club.

ROUNDED CONCEPT – Everything you need for work and inspiration is included in Koba Yagi toy, you just need to indulge in research and creation!