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Koba Yagi – Center for Education and Development is an association and a social enterprise dedicated to empowering the creative potential of children and youth through innovative educational programs, social innovations and creative entrepreneurship.

In order to achieve our goals, we have launched:

Koba Yagi Toys Рthe first socially responsible toys in Serbia that encourage creative children from 5 to 12 years old.  They have been manufactured by women who belonging to hard-to-emmploy groups and youth with disabilities.

School for Superheroes Рan educational center for future creative innovators aged 6 to 16, as well as  training center for educators and parents.


A world where all children are connected, equal, active, self-conscious and responsible to themselves, to others and to the society in which they live.


Empowering a new generation of creative leaders through:

  1. Development of innovative educational tools for working with children and young people based on 21st century skills.
  2. Developing the full potential of children and young people through educational programs aimed at children who create a better future through the use of new technologies.
  3. Developing competencies of educators and parents through seminars and workshops.
  4. Development of the social economy and empowerment of children, youth and women belonging to vulnerable groups.
  5. Increasing the employability of young people through the acquisition of working practice in the creative sector and inclusion in mobility programs.