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How to buy Koba Yagi set for more children?

If you’re organizing birthday, our Koba Yagi sets for more children are ideal fun for your kids. You can hire our experienced workshop leader who will organize creative activities on your birthday. Contents of the set you choose, and you can combine all the DIY sets that we have. If you want us to organize your birthday (Koba Yagi DIY set for more children + workshop participants), you need to write to us at

If you are an educator and you believe that Koba Yagi is ideal addition to your work with children or you want to expand your activities to work with children in kindergarten, living room or school, order our educational Koba Yagi box.

If you are a company that wants to order Koba Yagi for more children, please write to us at that we made the right offer for you.

Price of Koba Yagi boxes for children

  • Koba Yagi box for 5 children 5000 RSD
  • Koba Yagi box for 10 children 9600 RSD

In order to buy Koba Yagi box for more children, you need to:

  • choose option Koba Yagi box for groups in dropdown menu of section My Koba Yagi
  • fill in you data for payment and confirm
  • you will receive e-mail notification with order confirmation and tracking number of shipment